Sizing Information

Lulu Pup Creations Size Guide



Want a Customized Dog Accessory? Below Are The Instructions for Custom Orders

We can customize accessories to fit your dog’s size and shape. Your dog’s measurements are really important. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Accurately obtaining the 6 measurements listed in the picture below will ensure a good fit for your dog. Please read the measuring instructions below and contact us with the 6 measurements needed along with any addtional information that may affect fit. Once we receive your email you'll receive a reply within 48 hrs with a confirmation, any additional questions, and a link to pay for your customized  item.




I DO NOT recommended guessing your dog’s measurements or size. Please follow the instructions on this page to measure accurately.

You can use a soft tape measurer or a string to then compare on a ruler each step of the way. The tape measurer should be placed snug, not too tightly or loose, especially when measuring chest girth, and measure 2-3 times to ensure accuracy. Take measurements while dog is in a standing position.

If your dog has any features that may affect fit such as shorter legs, longer neck, is a tripod, please include that info in the email notes.

If you have any questions please ask me. I am happy to help.


Measuring Instructions for Customized Dog Accessories 

  1. Neck: Measure where the flat collar normally sits. Place tape snug. I will calculate so the neck is not tight.

  2. Girth: Measure right behind the armpit all the way around the girth. Place tape snug. Sweaters will be gradually tapered so they fit snug towards the back. If your dog does not have a tuck at the waist please note that in the order email.

  3. Back: Measure from base of the neck to where you want the sweater to end. Some people like the sweater to end at the base of tail others prefer shorter. You decide how long you want your dog’s sweater.

  4. Leg Opening: This is where the leg opening will be. Measure from the base of your dog’s neck to the armpit where leg starts off the body.

  5. Front Leg Spacing: Measure the space between both legs across the chest. If your dog is a tripod, indicate which leg is missing.

  6. Underbelly Length: Measure from base of the neck to where you want the sweater to end underneath. This measurement is needed for boys so they don’t wet their sweater or if you prefer a custom length underneath too.

Remember to take measurements while dog is in a standing position.